Directory of charging stations for electric vehicles

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LEMNET depends on your help!

Only with constant updates, this directory stays up-to-date.

If you see that existing information is wrong or outdated or if you want to tell us about a charging station which is not yet listed, please send us the information. Please use our Apps if possible: https://lemnet.org/en/apps

Alternatively you an send an eMail to editors@lemnet.org.

The following information is needed (the information marked with * is most important. Please send one email per charging station):

  • Contact information for the reporting personin case of questions: *
  • Street, ZIP and city of the charging station location: *
  • Name, phone, E-Mail and homepage of the provider:
  • Total amount of outlets/plugs:*
  • Connector type, number of connectors of this type, Voltage and maximum current or maximum power - for each connector type: *
    (for example 2x Type2 400V/16A, 1x T13 230V/8A, 3x T15 400V/14A, 1x CEE 400V/32A, 4x Schuko 230V/16A; Is three-phase voltage available?)
  • Can all connectors be used at maximum rating at the same time or is there a restriction (for example total maximum current due to circuit breakers):
  • Are the circuit breakers accessible (in case they blow during charging)?
  • Are the connectors freely accesible and usable or do you need any means for enabling them (key, RFID card, data key, mobile phone, coins etc) Please list access system here:
  • Is the charging station usable 24/7 (yes/no)?
    If not: Opening hours:
  • In case an up-front notification is needed to get access: How (email or phone?)
  • Cost for the energy? (per kWh or "free of charge" or "only for customers and guests")
  • Cost for parking? (Cost per hour or "free of charge" etc.)
  • Any time limit? (i.e. number of hours)
  • A few lines of text describing how someone without local knowledge can best find the station:
  • GPS coordinates (decimal values like 50.54321) and elevation (in meters):
  • Are there options for eating nearby?
  • Are there options for overnight stay nearby?
  • Are there interesting places to visit nearby?
  • Any other hints: